1. Industrial plant area

In order to deal with the construction of modern chemical plants, cable tray is also used in the construction of industrial plants, so as to manage cables centrally. In most areas of our country, the factory electrical equipment adopts the trough cable tray, which is totally enclosed cable tray, and the factory adopts this kind of cable tray can not only play a protective role, but also prevent the damage of rats to the cable.

2. Commercial buildings

In modern shopping malls, cable tray products are also used intensively. For example, underground parking lot of shopping malls is the place where cable tray products are commonly used. Underground shopping malls generally require fire protection, so the underground parking lot of modern commercial buildings generally adopts fire-proof bridge.

3. Communication field

In the data rooms of China’s three major communication operators, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, cable trays are usually composed of cable racks, trunkings, mesh cable trays, trough cable trays and other cable tray combinations. Because the aluminum alloy material has good corrosion resistance, electromagnetic interference resistance and other characteristics, the bridge in the communication room is generally made of aluminum alloy, and 6063 high specification aluminum alloy material. In addition, PVC trunking is often used in communication rooms.

4. Power system

There are a lot of power plants in China, especially thermal power plants. There are many and complex cables used to control power in power plants. Cable tray plays an important role in the cable force system to ensure the normal operation of cables. Generally, the cable tray used in power plant is fireproof cable tray, galvanized cable tray, etc.

5. Petrochemical enterprises

Petrochemical enterprises generally use the fully enclosed trough type aluminum alloy cable tray. After the surface anodizing treatment, the aluminum alloy cable tray not only has excellent anti-corrosion, anti electromagnetic interference and even anti shielding performance, which can not be replaced by the ordinary cable tray.
In addition, cable tray is also widely used in medical institutions, education system, financial system, government institutions, traditional manufacturing industry, clean energy and other industries. The cable tray’s fire, corrosion, anti-interference and other characteristics are increasingly recognized by more and more industries.