Xinma was invited to attend Zhejiang Provincial Academic Conference on Building Electricity 2019
On December 12, 2019, 2019 Zhejiang Province Building Electrical Academic Annual Meeting & New Technology, New Product Display Exchange Meeting were successfully held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Xinma was invited to participate in this annual meeting. This meeting is jointly sponsored by Architectural Electrical Academic Committee of Zhejiang Civil & Architectural Society, Electrical & New Energy Branch of Zhejiang Green Building & Construction Industrialization Association, Zhejiang Architectural Electrical Technology Collaboration & Information Exchange Network. It is a grand meeting of lectrical industry in Zhejiang Province. Many authoritative experts in industry, key designers of survey and design units, representatives of construction units and well-known manufacturers in National Architectural Electrical Industry are invited to participate in this annual meeting.

The theme of this annual meeting is “Leading healthy development of building electrical field and creating a smart future!” . Xinma has long been committed to research and development of new products. After in-depth academic discussions with experts, it has continuously upgraded its products to become an excellent supplier of energy-saving materials in electrical industry and construction industry.
During the new product exchange and exhibition at this annual meeting, our company solemnly introduced XMBG series molded trapezoidal corrugated bottom high-strength cable tray. XMBG series of cable trays have passed scientific, precise analysis & calculation, rigorous mechanical tests, all indexes exceed requirements. In particular, XMBG-S series stainless steel cable tray is suitable for various environments, can have the same service life as cables, buildings and structures, greatly reduces operation and maintenance costs.

Adhering to “spirit of craftsman”, Xinma people, Do not forget your initiative mind, will continue to use technology to produce and use high-quality products to repay market, making unremitting efforts to revitalize “Made in Shanghai”