Seismic Bracing System

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Base Connector

■ Simple Structure
■ Stable Performance
■ Economy
■ Wide Application
■ Size Adjustable
■ Large Compressive Strength
■ Various Combinations


Model Force Value
( mm )
Tightening Torque
( mm )
( g )
( pcs )
XM-KZD-D1-C41 9.0 50 1477 12
XM-KZD-D2-C41 7.8 50 510 26


anti-seismic bracket-details1

Practical application

■ Used to install two-dimensional structure, shorten the construction period and save materials.
■ Use anchor bolts to fix on the wall, floor or floor bottom.
■ Cooperate with other accessories to withstand multi-directional tensile and shear forces.


anti-seismic bracket-details3


■ Optimize the connection of channel steel, supporting arm and other structures in the direction of 90 °.
■ Use patented channel steel lock to connect channel steel, and adjust it accurately according to actual working conditions.


anti-seismic bracket-details2

Structural appearance

■ Innovative design without welding on the job site.
■ Quick connection forms a 90 ° bracket joint.
■ Multi-faced holes, easy to adjust the direction according to actual needs.


anti-seismic bracket-details4


■ Material: SPHC / Q235B, produced in accordance with JIS G 3131 standard.
■ Thickness: 6mm (HMW-2 / 2D = 4mm).
■ Zinc plating: electroplated zi, thickened by 8μm and then closed, produced in accordance with GBT9799 standard.
■ Other anti-corrosion treatment: hot dip galvanized, epoxy spray.