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Technical Guide


service-technical guide

Service staff will provide technical guidance services. If you have questions about quality of product, production process and installation on construction site, please call us, or you can send an email and directly connect with our service staff on chat online. service staff will listen to your questions carefully and we will provide you with most professional answers.


Measurement & Design



If you have needs for measurement and product design on construction site, we can contact local outsourcing team to carefully measure site and design appropriate product type and quantity. After that, Xinma will connect with there to discuss possibility of implementing plan, determine number of product and specific needs of different types of product, in order to get most economical plan, and finally hand over with you to discuss specific matters, In order to promote success of our cooperation. If you have this need, please call us or you can send an email and directly connect with our service staff on chat online. Our customer service staff will listen carefully to your needs, get in touch with you, and finally give you an answer.





Regarding transportation of product, there are generally two options. First, we are responsible for arranging transportation of product. We will contact a reliable logistics platform to transport goods, so as to ensure safe delivery of goods. Second, customer is responsible for transportation. In this case, please contact our customer service in advance to determine specific transportation time. We will arrange goods to designated indicated place for loading before determined time, and ensure that goods are safely loaded into truck. If there are special situation, service staff will contact you again.


Installation & Maintenance


 service-installation & maintenance

There will be many precautions in installation. For example, aluminum alloy cable trays are strictly prohibited to be used as pedestrian walkways, ladders or standing platforms, and their supporting brackets must not be used as supports for lifting heavy objects. These behaviors will cause cable tray to deform and affect normal installation of cable tray. For more installation notes, please visit Installation Diagram, or contact our service staff directly, they will give you relevant introduction suggestion.
For later maintenance work, please regularly check cable tray to ensure its safety and stability. In addition, maintenance work of cable tray is also necessary. Use a soft cloth to periodically wipe off dust on surface, and focus on maintenance once a quarter, so that service life of cable tray can be extended.


Warranty Service


service-after-sales service

If product is destroyed by Non-human factors, we provide 2 years warranty service.
In general, customized product cannot be returned.
If product is damaged during transportation or product quality problems are found upon receipt, Xinma provides replacement services.


Industry Information


service-industry Information

Xinma always focuses on development of Cable Tray, Anti-seismic Bracing System & Busway. Xinma keep to update relevant industry news and industry knowledge in time, such as product introduction, comparison of different types of product, advantages of new product, prospects of product and industries, so that you can better understand our product.