Seismic Bracing System

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Strut Channel

■ Simple Structure
■ Stable Performance
■ Economy
■ Wide Application
■ Size Adjustable
■ Large Compressive Strength
■ Various Combinations


Model Thickness
( mm )
( mm )
( kg/m )
( m )
XM-KZD-C-4121 2.0 21 1.45 6
XM-KZD-C-4141 2.0/2.5 41 2.1/2.55 6
XM-KZD-C-4152 2.5 52 2.95 6
XM-KZD-C-4162 2.5 62 3.35 6
XM-KZD-C-4172 2.5 72 4.1 6
XM-KZD-C-4182 2.5 82 4.5 6

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Practical Application

■ Quickly and effectively build various types of support systems with steel structures, concrete structures or other structures.
■ Fast and convenient pipe fixing, perfect air duct and bridge support and other process installation.
■ All special accessories can be matched with C-shaped channel steel for safe use.


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■ The auxiliary ruler on the top surface makes precise and fast cutting on site.
■ A variety of C-shaped steel cross-section heights, suitable for the installation of pipes, ducts and bridges of different specifications, economic and practical.


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Structural Appearance

■ New type C channel steel, beautiful appearance, advanced design concept, exquisite production process.
■ Axial reinforced rib design to enhance torsion resistance.
■ C-shaped steel crimped sawtooth design, coupled with patented channel steel buckle connection, effectively enhance the ability of anti-shear, anti-slip, anti-impact.
■ The design of multiple strip holes on the back of C-shaped steel is flexible and convenient for installation.


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Technical Parameter

■ Material: 275g galvanized sheet SGH340 is used for 2.5 / 2.75mm; the thickness of the zinc layer on the surface reaches 20μm, which is produced according to JIS G 3302 standard.
■ Other anti-corrosion treatments: hot-dip galvanized, epoxy sprayed, stainless steel.