Seismic Bracing System

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Connecting Base Fitting

■ Simple Structure
■ Stable Performance
■ Economy
■ Wide Application
■ Size Adjustable
■ Large Compressive Strength
■ Various Combinations


Model Force Value
( KN ) 
( mm )
( g )
( pcs )
XM-KZD-KB-C41 9.5 6 950 10
XM-KZD-KA-C41 9.5 6 750 20

anti-seismic bracket-details1

Practical application

■ Connection of anti-seismic braces and base surface.
■ Connection of anti-vibration diagonal brace and bracket body.
■ The brace angle can be adjusted arbitrarily.
■ The universal connection base can be fixed to concrete, steel structure and other base surfaces.


anti-seismic bracket-details3


■ XM-KZD-KB-C41 is used to connect the main body of the bracket, XM-KZD-KA-C41 is used to connect with the base surface, the diagonal brace C-shaped steel back wall is inserted into the base tiger mouth clip, and the nail head bolts are tightened and fixed.
■ Torque off the bolt head of the nail head to control the torque and prevent loosening of the reverse twist.
■ GB50981 seismic design specification recommended installation form.


anti-seismic bracket-details2

Structural appearance

■ Double-body hinge connection with strongbearing capacity of one-piece vise type.
■ Torque off the control head bolts.


anti-seismic bracket-details4


■ Material: Q235B, produced in accordance with JIS G 3131 standard.
■Galvanized: Electro-galvanized, thickened by 8μm and then closed, produced in accordance with GB T 9799 standard.
■ Other anti-corrosion treatment: hot dip galvanized, epoxy spray.