Seismic Bracing System

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Screw lock

■ Simple Structure
■ Stable Performance
■ Economy
■ Wide Application
■ Size Adjustable
■ Large Compressive Strength
■ Various Combinations


Model Tightening Torque
Tool installation model Weight
XM-KZD-SF 50 19 86 200

anti-seismic bracket-details1

Practical application

■ Connected with C-shaped steel to strengthen the screw.
■ The screw rod is fixed on the inner back wall of the C-shaped steel, so that the screw rod and the reinforced C-shaped steel are integrated, and the force is coordinated.


anti-seismic bracket-details3


■ The screw rod is close to the inner back wall of the C-shaped steel.
■ The top lock is inserted from the opening surface of the C-shaped steel and rotated 90°  in place.
■ Tighten the hex head bolt until the Y-shaped fork tightens the screw.


anti-seismic bracket-details2

Structural appearance

■ The tooth lock can be engaged with C-shaped steel.
■ Bolt head with Y-shaped fork is used for jacking screw.


anti-seismic bracket-details4


■ Material: Q235B, produced according to DIN EN10025 standard.
■ Galvanized: electro-galvanized, thickened by 8μm and closed. Produced according to GB T 9799 standard.
■ Other anti-corrosion treatment: hot dip galvanized, epoxy spray.