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Kraft River Water Supply Project in Zambia

Kraft River Water Supply Project in Zambia

The main engineering contents of the project include water intake pump room project, raw water pipeline project, Iolanda water purification plant project, Chilanga booster pump station project, and clean water pipeline project.

As a comprehensive municipal water supply project, the project involves a series of highly specialized branch projects, such as the construction of water and earth cofferdams at the water intake, the construction of V-shaped filters and the installation of electromechanical equipment, etc. . The project started in September 2016 and has now obtained the acceptance certificate.

After the Kraft River water supply project is put into operation, it will further improve the urban water supply system of Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, to meet the needs of its development strategy and greatly alleviate the water shortage of residents in Lusaka. The project provided sufficient clean drinking water for the Lusaka area and played an important role in curbing cholera and other epidemics.