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The difference between Cable Tray and Busway

The difference between Cable Tray and Busway

2020-06-29 Origin: Web View: 3928

The difference of function

Cable tray, used in cable laying, belongs to the bracket, generally used to help support and protect the cable. busway, similar to cable, it is for AC 50HZ,380V three-phase four-wire system or three-phase five-wire system power distribution system transmission of electricity, can replace the cable distribution mode.


The difference of composition

The general name of the rigid layout system composed of bracket, supporting arm, installation accessories and so on, which has a dense supporting cable; busway is a bus system composed of metal plate as protective shell, conductive bar, insulating material and related accessories.


The difference of size and specification

The cable tray is relatively large and the busway is relatively small. If there are many cables and wires, a cable tray is recommended.


The difference of intensity

The cable tray is mainly used for laying power cables and control cables, and the busway is usually used for laying wires and communication cables.


The difference of turning radius

Cable tray turning radius is relatively large, most of the busway turn right Angle.


The difference of span

The span of cable tray is larger and the busway is smaller. Therefore, the fixed bracket difference is large, the number of support hanger difference.


The difference of tightness

Metal busway sealing is good, not necessarily the support of the bracket, can be laid in the cable trench and building inter layer. Some of the groove cable tray is half open, must have a bracket for support, in the house or outside the general set up along the air.


The difference of thickness

Conceptually, the difference between busway and cable tray is the ratio of height to width. But Bridges are stronger than grooves and are more used for laying cables.