Solid Corrugated Cable Tray

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Solid Corrugated Cable Tray

Solid Bottom:
● Suit for indoor.
● Fire-proof,moisture-proof,dust-proof.
● Mainly choose for minimal heat generating cable or delicate cable.

XMBG Series:
Innovated corrugated bottom and semi-circle side design increase strength greatly,make cable tray thinner and lighter than flat design’s but same loading capacity,assemble by riveting and welding assure fastness,therefore,have advantage of energy-saving and convenient installation.

EN 61537:2007.


1. Dimension:

TitleSize (mm)Remark
Standard Width50,75,100,150,200,300,400,500,600,800,1000,1200Customizable
Standard Height25,50,75,100,150,200Customizable
Standard Length2000 (Straight Section)Customizable

2. Model Explanation:

Model Explanation

3. Material & Finish (Sheet 1):

GPre-Galvanized Steel
GPPre-Galvanized Steel with Powder CoatingCustomizable Color
SStainless SteelSS201,SS430,SS304
SPStainless Steel with Powder CoatingCustomizable Color
AAluminum Alloy
APAluminum Alloy with Powder CoatingCustomizable Color

4. Structure Type (Sheet 2):

6. Shape Type (Sheet 3):

01AStraight SectionXQJ-X-C-01A
02AHorizontal BendXQJ-X-C-02A
02BVertical Upward BendXQJ-X-C-02B.j
02CVertical Downward BendXQJ-X-C-02C
02DVertical Left-Downward BendXQJ-X-C-02D
02EVertical Right-Downward BendXQJ-X-C-02E
02FVertical Left-Upward BendXQJ-X-C-02F
02GVertical Right-Upward BendXQJ-X-C-02G
03AHorizontal TeeXQJ-X-C-03A
03BVertical Upward TeeXQJ-X-C-03B
03CVertical Downward TeeXQJ-X-C-03C
03DVertical Side Upward TeeXQJ-X-C-03D
03EVertical Side Downward TeeXQJ-X-C-03E
03FVertical Corner Upward TeeXQJ-X-C-03
03GVertical Corner Left-Downward TeeXQJ-X-C-03G
03HVertical Corner Right-Downward TeeXQJ-X-C-03H
03IVertical Right TeeXQJ-X-C-03I
03JVertical Left TeeXQJ-X-C-03J
03KVertical Right-Downward TeeXQJ-X-C-03K
03LVertical Left-Downward TeeXQJ-X-C-03L
04AHorizontal CrossXQJ-X-C-04A
04BVertical CrossXQJ-X-C-04B
04CVertical Upward CrossXQJ-X-C-04C
04DVertical Downward Cross1XQJ-X-C-04D
04EVertical Downward Cross2XQJ-X-C-04E
05ALeft ReducerXQJ-X-C-05A
05BRight ReducerXQJ-X-C-05B
05CMiddle ReducerXQJ-X-C-05C
07AVertical Adjustable BendXQJ-X-C-07A2

1. MIN Thickness of Various Series:

Thickness (mm)Safe
Flat TypeEmbossed TypeCorrugated Type
200 <W≤4002.
400 <W≤6002.
600 <W<8002.

2. Applicable Environment of Material & Finish:

Protection TypeProtection CodeGalvanized SteelPowder CoatingStainless Steel
Humid & HotTHx
Middle CorrosionF1x
Strong CorrosionF2xx
OutdoorLight CorrosionWx
Middle CorrosionWF1x
Strong CorrosionWF2xx
Packing MethodDescriptionPhoto
Pallet● Wrapping flim in whole to avoid damage,dust,moisture for cargo.
● Fix by wooden bar and packing belt.
● Convenient to carry,labour-saving.
Bundle● For LCL only.
● Wrapping flim in whole to avoid damage,dust,moisture for cargo.
● Fix by packing belt.
● Flexible to carry.
Metal Box●For Accessory only.
● Big load capacity.
Metal Box
In Nude● For Cable Tray only.
● For FCL only,loading quantity maximized.
Carton● For Accessoryonly.Carton
Woven Bag● For Accessory only.Woven Bag