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Aluminum Compact Busway

■ Safet & reliable
■ Easy installation
■ Flexible construction
■ Small volume but large capacity
■ Short cycle for construction
■ Long service life

Explanation of Model


Technical Terms

Composition and meaning of shell protective grade (IP code), Quoted from GB4208-2008、IEC6052 The purpose to specify the shell protection grade for electrical equipments is to prevent human body approach to internal dangerous parts, prevent solid impurities entering equipment shell and prevent harmful damage to equipments for water in shell. Composition and meaning of IP code (International Protection) IP code is composed of code letter IP (International Protection), the first digit and others (See Table 2 for the composition of IP code)


Code composition Code figure Equipment protection meaning Prevent solid impurities entering Personal protection meaning Prevent approach to dangerous parts Description
The first characteristic figure 0 No protection No protection No protection for external person or object
1 ≧Φ50mm Bank of hand Prevent the palm approaching to dangerous parts and prevent solid impurities, of which diameters are no less than 50mm, entering the shell.
2 ≧Φ12.5mm Finger Prevent the finger approaching to dangerous parts and prevent solid impurities, of which diameters are no less than 12.5mm, entering the shell.
3 ≧Φ2.5mm Toll Prevent tool and solid impurities, of which diameters are no less than 2.5mm, approaching to dangerous parts and entering the shell.
4 ≧Φ1.0mm Metal line Prevent solid impurities and metal line, of which diameters are no less than 1.0mm, entering the shell.
5 Dustproof Metal line Prevent metal line approaching to dangerous parts, not fully prevent dust, but the entering dust never affect normal operation and safety of the equipments.
6 Dust tightness Metal line Prevent metal line approaching to dangerous parts and completely prevent dust entering.
    Prevent water leading to harmful effect    
The second characteristic figure 0 No protection Not any protection
1 Vertical water dripping Prevent vertical water dripping, there is not any protection.
2 15°dripping Prevent the shell tilting within 15°scope, the vertical dripping shall never have harmful influence.
3 Showering Prevent showering, there is not harmful influence if different elevations are showered in 60°scope.
4 Splashing Prevent splashing, there is not harmful influence if the water slashes toward all directions of the shell.
5 Spraying Prevent spraying, there is not harmful influence if the water slashes toward all directions of the shell.
6 Wild spraying Prevent wild spraying, there is not harmful influence if the water slashes toward all directions of the shell.
7 Short-time soaking Prevent short-time soaking, there is not harmful influence if the water slashes toward all directions of the shell.
8 Continual soaking Prevent continual soaking, the water in shell after continual soaking can not bring harmful influence.


Technical Data

The various series of bus channels produced by this company are applicable for high buildings, industrial factory building with many floors, workshops with concentrated lathes and with varied technology, the old workshops rebuilt, various labs, exhibition halls, gyms, hotels, banks, entertainment and other places, and used for feeding and distributing electricity. It has the characteristics of safety & reliability, easy installation, flexible construction, small volume but large capacity, short cycle for construction, long service life and the like. The concrete technical parameters are as follows:

Standard IEC 439.2-1 982 ZBK36002-89 GB 1497 GB 7251-87
Sea Level m Not higher than 2000
Ambient Temp -5- +40(average temp is not higher than +35 within 24 hrs.)
Ralative Humidity Not higher than 50% when +40℃,not higher than 90% when +20℃
Protective Grade IP42(With accessories up to IP54)
Installation Categwry Clnsses IV
Polluted Grade Grade 2
tioRated nsrlation Voltage V(AC) 500
V(ACRated Working Voltage V(AC) 400
Rated Frgqquency Hz 50-60
Rated Working Current A 100 250 400 630 800 1000
Resistance Rx10Ω/m 967 94.4 70.8 73.0 61.4 46.6
Impendence Zx10Ω/m 106.8 103.8 83.2 72.4 69.8 53.8
Redution V/m 0.0432 0.0475 0.0360 0.089 0.1 0.0485
Short Circuit Strenght t=IS KA(Peak Value) 20 35 50 70 75 85
Rated Working Current A 1250 1600 2000 2500 3150 4000
Resistance Rx10Ω/m 28.9 23.6 21.3 14.4 12.1 10.0
Impendence Zx10Ω/m 40.6 38.0 24.1 19.7 16.5 12.1
Redution V/m 0.059 0.063 0.0814 0.0705    
Short Circuit Strenght t=1Sz KA(Peak Value) 100 115 129      
Temp.Rise of Each Position (K) Connective terminal 60   Metal shell 30
Surface of insulating part40
Dielection Strength Imin A.C.working frequency(effective value)3750V
Insulating Resistance Not less than 20mΩ between phaceses and the shells
Climatic Min./Max./Average over 24h -5/+40/35℃
Ingress Protection IP54、IP65
Torque for Joint park 70N.m
Colour Electrostatic powder spraying (according to user’s requirements)
Isolating material Hydronalium
Isolating colour International Standard Grey (RAL7032, RAL7035) with specific colors according to customer needs
Rated Isolating Voltage 1000VAC
Rated operating Voltage 690V
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Rated Current 1)
Rated current short tolerance 1)
Rated current short tolerance Ipk 1)
Isoleting of Bar Cu、Al
Maximum installation spacing See below
Dimensions 1)
Weight 1)
Voltage Category/Pollution Degree 111/3

Note:1)Different current range gets its corresponding technical data.
2)Detailed data please refer the technical parameter list in the next part.



The system adopts excellent alloy as enclosure material,enjoys non-magnetism,environment protection,light weight and fast heat dissipation capability.No-eddy current loss when system on loading.Airproof sealing parts for assembly keep the high IP capacity;Top and bottom aluminum extruded profile provide high strength and better locating.The surface is static painted and passed the 1200h salt withstand test,which can meet the high air humidity,salt separating,high pollution etc.Environment.



The conductors of the RM busway system are normally tinplated or silver plated,totally covered with highly insulation material.

XMMX-XL C is copper system;XMMX-XL A is aluminum system.Aluminum conductor should be nickel-plated and copper-plated before tin-plated.



1.Conductor, copper bar(XMMX-XL C), aluminum bar
2.Coating. Tin coating(XMMX-XL C), nickel coating,copper coating, tin coating(XMMX-XL A) 3.Insulation Material


XMMX-XL A List of parameters

Current Current short tolerance (Icw)kA Current short tollerance (Ipk)kA Resist-ance/m
Weight Height
250 30 63 0.185 0.039 0.189 0.080 140 115
400 30 63 0.144 0.034 0.148 0.100 140 115
630 30 63 0.108 0.030 0.112 0.118 140 135
800 30 63 0.081 0.025 0.085 0.112 140 155
1000 30 63 0.072 0.023 0.076 0.125 140 180
1250 65 143 0.053 0.019 0.055 0.112 140 210
1600 65 143 0.041 0.015 0.043 0.112 140 250
2000 65 143 0.032 0.012 0.035 0.112 140 300
2500 100 220 0.026 0.009 0.027 0.102 140 390
3150 100 220 0.016 0.002 0.016 0.089 140 570
4000 100 220 0.013 0.002 0.013 0.080 140 720


Product Number

XMMX-XL busway system has a set of codes for basic units,including rated current,conductor configuration,protection grade ingress protection and conductor material.The customer can choose according to system codes below while ordering.


Tap-off Unit