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  • Q Which systems are to be used as Anti-seismic Bracket

    According to the relevant standards of GB 50981-2014 Building Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Seismic Design Code
    1. Domestic water supply system and fire protection pipeline system
    2. Duct system
    3. Electrical system

  • Q What is the Seismic Bracing System?

    Seismic Bracing Systems are used to limit the displacement of the attached electromechanical engineering facilities, control the vibration of the facilities, and transfer the load to various components or devices on the bearing structure. Earthquake-reinforced building water supply and drainage, fire fighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, gas, heat, electricity, communications and other mechanical and electrical engineering facilities can reduce earthquake damage and reduce Prevent secondary disasters as much as possible to achieve the purpose of reducing casualties and property losses.

  • Q Will my aluminum conductors in any electrolytic reaction with copper contacts the cable?

    There are no problems associated with the reaction between copper and aluminum, as the entire aluminum busway are covered entirely by first coating of raw aluminum in zinc, then copper and finally tin. This is a proven system that is used around the world.

  • Q What are the advantages of using aluminum instead of copper wires?

    There are several advantages of using aluminum conductors than copper for high voltage applications. First, aluminum is 70% lighter than copper, making installation easier trunking and less expensive. Secondly, aluminum is also a good conductor of heat and electrical characteristics, making it ideal for certain applications. Third, aluminum is also much more competitive on price, leading to further reduce costs.

  • Q What are the aesthetic advantages?

    In areas where it needs a certain aesthetic level, can be installed in the bus duct enclosure with natural galvanized coated, aluminum-coated or painted. On request, bus duct can be painted in colors corresponding to the distribution or the shields certain color scheme.
    Another point to consider when compared to cable systems, is that the busway is more compact and requires less space for the placement of switchboards.

  • Q Are busway protected with degree IP?

    Most of the bus bars has a IP to IP55, which enables use in harsh environments. However, for extreme operating conditions in the petrochemical industry or of the outer lining is made of epoxy busway casing with IP to 68. Busway in a cast epoxy insulation – a system in which the copper or aluminum wires are fully insulated with a mixture of epoxy resin and hardener. This provides protection class IP68 and even makes it possible to use busway under water (up to certain limits).