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  • Q What’s the End cap?

    End cap is mounted in the end to avoid exposing of conductors. Remoued after it can continue to connect bar.

  • Q What’s the Straight trunking units?

    The busway system adopts totally enclosed structure with the max protection degree of IP65, making the system be applied in aggressive environment and allowed entire enclosure (100% more capacity than phase conductor) as earth system, which can guarantees system safety, shortest and reliable earth approach. When there is a high earthing fault, it can protect the entire system effectively. Straight runs without tap-off units are available with vertical and horizontal installation.

  • Q What are the uses and characteristics of busway?

    The various series of bus channels produced by this company are applicable for high buildings, industrial factory building with many floors, workshops with concentrated lathed and with varied technology, the old workshops rebuilt, various labs, exhibition halls, gyms, hotels, banks, entertainment and other places, and used for feeding and distributing electricity. It has the characteristics of sagfly&reliability, easy installation, flexible construction, small volume but large capacity, short cycle for construction, long service life and the like.
  • Q What are the function units of busway?

    There are Straight busway, Straight with socket, Top busway, L horizontal elbow, L vertical elbow, T horizontal tee, T vertical tee, Top access box, Reduction joint, Feeder joint, Expansion joint, Horizontal cross, Vertical cross, Z horizontal elbow, Z vertical elbow and Terminal cover.

  • Q Busway system has 4P and 5P, what is the difference?

    4P is the integral grounding technology of the shell, which is currently used in many projects.
    5P is PE ground, normally 50% of the PE line specification is sufficient.

  • Q What’s the Conductor?

    The conductors of the Busway system are normally tinplated or silver plated, totally covered with highly insulation material.
    XMMX-XL C is copper system; XMMX-XL A is aluminum system. Aluminum conductor should be nickel-plated and copper-plated before tin-plated.